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Brake Drum and Rotor Resurfacing

Scoring, pitting or other minor surface imperfections should be cleaned up by resurfacing. Resurfacing is also recommended if the brakes have been noisy. If a rotor or drum is cracked, however, it must be replaced.

Fabricate Hydraulic Hoses

Our specialists perform hose fabrication with standard or metric fittings. We fabricate any type of hydraulic hose, including hoses for marine applications. We also fabricate hydraulic hoses for any pressure rating including 3000 psi, 5000 psi, and additional capacities.

Battery Testing

Lack of battery care and maintenance has a way of bringing out the borderline batteries. Battery care and maintenance is a year round requirement, and you want to catch a bad battery before it lets you down.

Alternator Testing - On Car

When a car battery isn't providing enough power to start a car the first thought is that the battery is bad and should be replaced, is the alternator providing proper power to the battery? If the alternator is not working properly and charging the battery, the battery may be fine but a new alternator may be in order.

Full Auto Machine Shop

From front hub bearing replacement and fly wheel resurfacing to turning rotors & drums call Mars Auto Parts today to keep your car running at its best.

OBD-II Trouble Code Testing

Is your check engine light on? Stop by Mars Auto parts and have the trouble codes accessed for you for free!

OBD-II Trouble Code explained, Free Resource!

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